Activities offered on site at the Domaine:

Pedalo and rowboat with lifejackets: Go at your own speed in complete safety.

Swimming: Relax on the dock or take a dip in the lake.

Equipment rental available:

Biking: Get out into nature where you can truly relax.

Fishing: Go fishing, both summer and winter, in Lac Mouchette at the Domaine.
For a fishing permit, go to the website of Ressources naturelles et Faune Québec.

Snowshoeing, skating, slide: Get a breath of fresh air in winter.

Nearby Activities:
Contact us beforehand for reservations

Cross-country skiing: 70 km of groomed trails supervised by the Club de ski de fond de Ferme-Neuve. For further information, go to the website of the municipalité de Ferme-Neuve.

Fishing: The lakes in the region are teeming with fish such as speckled trout, lake trout, walleye, bass, pike and yellow perch. You may also fish on Lac Mouchette located on the Domaine. For information regarding permits, go to the website of SportfishingCanada.ca.

Hunting: Depending on the season and hunting permits required, (information on the website of the ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune), you will have an opportunity to hunt moose, white-tailed deer, bear, wolf, ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, Canada goose, duck and hare.

Ski-mobile and ATV (all-terrain vehicle): Nearly 2000 km of signposted trails with all associated services.

Biking: For mountain bikers, the forest trails bring you face to face with nature. You can enjoy this sport throughout the area – the Upper Laurentians tourist map will help you plan your personal trip. If you want a real challenge, consider climbing Mont Sir Wilfrid-Laurier.

Hiking: Astounding natural vistas will delight every type of hiker on forest trails, lakeshore walks and mountain hikes. For some challenging, interesting and varied routes see La montagne du diable for more information.

Swimming: Baskatong Reservoir, Lac St-Paul, Lac Bertrand and many others offer good quality serviced beaches.

Here is a list of other activities also on offer nearby:

• Golf
• Horseback riding
• Horse-drawn calèche
• Dogsledding

Other activities planned for the future:

• Conference meals with networking
• Themed workshops
• International seminars
• Courses

Enjoy our partners’ products and services:

• Historical, cultural and business background of Ferme-Neuve township…
• Explore different tourist and company sites
• Regional specialties, vin de miel, etc.
• Health and beauty care
• Courses and conferences…
• Rental of recreational vehicles: snowmobile, horse-drawn calèche, dogsled, horseback riding, ATV, etc.

Explore the region: Discover our special regional products and services. There are other towns in the area that are well worth exploring:

Windigo: A tourist destination with a lakeside beach, waterfall, marina and nature park.

St-Philippe: Winter or summer, ride in a horse-drawn sleigh or calèche at these stables that offer riding lessons and short or long hikes. A vacation camp that offers riding, camping and entertainment packages. Go for the adventure!

Ste-Anne-du-Lac: Immerse yourself in total peace while fishing or hunting at the Sainte-Anne-du-Lac outfitters. In addition, you can fly over the region in a seaplane and discover the myriad attractions of the islands.

Baskatong Reservoir: A veritable inland sea... Baskatong Reservoir is an immense body of water located about 35 minutes from Ferme-Neuve, and a favourite spot for fishers and vacationers.

Mont St-Michel: This charming little village located 30 minutes from Mont-Laurier is a favoured tourist stop on account of its magnificent sandy beaches and impressive rapids.